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In Search of a Good Way to Learn Programming

Starting from scratch is hard. Especially if you are taking the “teach-yourself” approach. This blog post is going to be about what I think, from my beginners perspective, would be a good approach to learn programming.

Enclosed approach, not partial

As you may know, I am trying to learn Clojure/ClojureScript (they are almost identical, as far as I know). There indeed is literature that can teach you the language, BUT: It seems that all the books focus on describing the language itself. What seems to be missing, in my opinion, is a book that is written for beginners in programming, that teach you programming while teaching you the language. Talk about concurrency, heh.

The Struggle

In my previous post I talked about Clojurscript Unraveled It seems like a good book as a reference to ClojureScript language itself, but to learn programming? Sadly, no.

A lot of clojurians recommended Clojure for the brave and true and I gave it a try last time I wanted to learn Clojure (about a year ago). It seems like an interesting book, with lots of fun examples, but at that time it seemed more like a book for someone who is already proficient in at least one other programming language. To be fair, maybe I didn’t read it as thoroughly as I maybe should.

What it seems to me that is good way to learn programming

The conclusion I have reached, after some time is that there will never be a “perfect way” to learn programming. It appears that the best way is to dabble with a language, making software from the simplest command-line apps that return a greeting to trying to make more complex apps. Big part of it I now realize, is to be asking around on internet, hoping that more experienced folks are willing to help (and clojurians definitely are), writing blog posts and so on.

So now what?

I definitely decided to read Clojure for the brave and true again, but I’ll take my time to make sure I don’t skip chapters until I have a solid understanding of the material presented.

Also, I will try to be more active in terms of writing about my learning progress as I’m sure that people who have much more experience than I will be able to detect my shortcomings and steer me on a good path.

Expect a lot of “stupid” questions one true programming beginner might ask.

Feel free to leave comments, contact me on social networks if you have some useful advice or just want to connect with me.

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